Our Pizza Oven

 In 1992 Marana Ferdinando revolutionized the restaurant world by patenting the first rotary oven for a pizzeria. Today Marana Forni is in over 85 countries around the world with thousands of ovens installed & our rotary oven is the  latest innovation in terms of technology and design.

Our Pizza

Our pizza is a thin base style with luxe ingredients – LP’s Salumi , Gorgonzola Fior di Latte .Fennel Salami, Mortadella, taleggio and mushroom so many otherdelicious toppings ! Our pizza is crisp base and firm as our La Riviera diners like it!!

The hydration level is perhaps the single factor that affects dough and crust the most. By adjusting the hydration of the dough we get a completely different result for our pizza. Some of the properties of dough hydration effects are

How soft and airy the crust will be
How crispy the crust will be

High hydration  also softens the gluten strands, the network of gluten within the dough. This allows larger air pockets to form, something that gives more rise because the dough can hold more gas from the fermentation process.

These larger air pockets will form bubbles, which results in a more open, lighter, softer, and airier pizza crust

We Make Gluten Free Pizza Dough 

Yes, we make pizza dough using a gluten-free pizza flour, but we handle the dough a bit differently.  The main challenge is to stretch the dough with care . We  dont stretch gluten-free pizza dough, but rather we have to press it into the right shape. Our Flour is Molini Pulcinella Italian Flour & Molini Italian Gluten Free Pizza Flour.